Lash Love

May 28, 2021


Eyelash extensions offer a soft wispy lift or a dramatic full look to your natural eyelashes to replace the use of mascara or strip lashes. The extensions add fullness and length to brighten up the eyes.  


Lash extensions require a certain level of up-keep. To ensure you get the most for your time and money, it’s important to take care of your lashes to keep them healthy and full.  After your eyelash extension set, your will need a refill touch-up is usually done around 2-3 weeks.

Upon receiving the lash extension, try to avoid contact with water or moisture on your face for 24-hours. If washing your face, avoid the eye area and use an oil-free remover if taking off makeup. 

Try your best to avoid touching and rubbing your eyes, and also an absolute no ,is no picking at your lashes (you do not want to damage your natural lashes by picking at your extensions). Keeping up with lash refills will maintain a full-looking set regularly.

Keep Your Lashes Clean  The most important factor in getting your lashes to last is to keep them clean.  Cleaning your lashes is different than just washing your face. You’ll want to get a foaming lash cleanser.  It is highly recommended to stay away from oil-based products and alcohol-based products.  You’ll want to clean them regularly to avoid bacteria in the lashes, as well as to maintain eye and lash health. It helps remove the build-up of things like oil, dirt, and dandruff that will interfere with lash health.  With the proper lash extensions care your guaranteed to see long lasting results with full healthy lashes ❤️